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Christmas Party

Brian Hawkins
The h2 Recruit Christmas party came and went without debauchery, jail time or international travel this year so a step forward for all involved.

After the tradional end of year awards ceremony was completed the team headed for some pre-game activity in Canary Wharf before moving on to a sit...
Nick Keppe wiped the floor with the rest of the team during October Budget Club's Zorb Football competition. As their reward for hitting the team target for October 2013, the sadistic team at h2 Recruit chose to don Personal Zorb outfits and take part in running battles, games of Bulldog and...

Go-Karting Champ

Brian Hawkins
After yet again achieving the office monthly revenue target, the team at h2 hit The Raceway in Greenwich for some high-speed go-karting action. After a 45 minute endurance race Brian Hawkins took the chequered flag, much to the usual disgust of the rest of the team, with Mike Chapman taking Silver...