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Master Vendor - Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Having worked extensively with clients that are looking to aggressively grow their sales function, we have in the past approached things on a managed services basis, whereby we recruit directly for the role but will also work with other agencies to source candidates and manage those other agencies in order to ensure we can maintain the quality and quantity of candidates, required by our client.  

The main advantage of doing this is our knowledge and specialisation of the sales recruitment market place and as such we can ensure we screen and choose the right agencies to deliver on what the client is looking for.
This is a true partnership environment and in the past we have had consultants on site sitting in on interviews, conducting first round interviews, assessment and testing etc, so the client need only get involved at the final stage.
Ultimately this is a bespoke service that would need to have a detailed SLA for both parties and we strongly believe that both parties need to be 100% committed for it to work effectively.

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