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What really motivates your ideal hire?


The importance of setting the right salary for your vacancy is universally acknowledged, but what other factors motivate today’s jobseekers? And what do you really need to show your ideal candidate to tempt them into applying for a job with your organisation?

To help find out, asked more than 3,000 UK workers what motivates them when it comes to finding a new job.

Climbing the ladder

The single most important factor jobseekers consider when applying for a job is the opportunity for career progression.

46% of those surveyed considered it their number one motivator, rating it more important than salary, benefits, reputation and convenience.  In other words, for nearly half of all jobseekers, the potential for career growth in the future takes precedence over any immediate gains.

Anything you can do demonstrate to a candidate that a job with your organisation can provide a platform for long-term career progression will help paint a positive picture. Highlighting in the job description relevant opportunities for career progression, training and professional development is, therefore, highly recommended.

It’s not all about the money, money, money

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the salary offered for a position comes pretty high on the list of potential motivators. However, it isn’t necessarily a top priority for the majority of the workforce, with only 18% of those surveyed saying that it would take precedence over any other factor.

Not sure if you’re paying enough? Read five tips to help you set the right salary.


How convenient?

15% of those surveyed agreed that when looking for a job, office location and the potential journey to work is the key influence they consider when applying for a role.

Although convenience can often be out of your control, there are things you can do to reassure applicants if your company’s premises are particularly inaccessible. Providing travel subsidies, cycle-to-work or car-sharing schemes, and work-from-home opportunities may alleviate some candidates’ concerns.

Keeping up appearances

For many, the ideal job could be defined as one that not only interests and excites them, but also one that comes with a re-assuring dose of job security.

15% of our survey audience stated that the name, status and standing of a company would have a bearing on whether they would apply for a position or not.

However, whatever your organisation size and type, working on your brand story, heritage and what you do to look after you employees will go a long way in helping attract the best candidates.

Bring on the benefits

Some employers offer a wide range of benefits in order to make their job advert stand out from the competition. These could include childcare subsidies, pension schemes, complimentary gym membership or even a company car.

6% of those surveyed indicated that a lucrative benefits package would be their primary motivation when applying for a job, ranking it bottom amongst the available options.

Although this is by no means a comprehensive list of motivators, our latest research highlights the extent to which being able to demonstrate a structured approach to career development has become a critical factor in attracting the right candidates.

Not only do the results suggest a more ambitious, aspirational and self-improving workforce, they also demonstrate just how much the desire for career progression supersedes any other factor – including salary.


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